The latest MVP odds are released! Curry leads and expands the leading advantage letter brother beyond Durant

time November 25th, the 2021-22 season’s regular mvp odds update, the Warriors Stars are still in the leading position, and further expand the leading advantage. Letter brother surpass Durant, exclusive second, Durant ranked third, last season of MVP yet ranked fourth, East Chicchi and Mitchell.

The latest MVP odds in Curry are +100, which is more optimistic than the previous + 200. Since the season, he has 28.4 points 5.9 rebounds 6.6 assists, the Warriors record 15 wins and 2 losses, he is in the leading position and continues to expand the leading advantage, it is not surprising.

Previously, Durant and the letter brother had been subsequently columns in the MVP odds list, but the latest odds showed that the letter brother has exceeded Durant. The latest odds of the letter brother are +600, and Durant’s latest odds are +650. Bucks are warm, and they have won four consecutive wins. The Nets also got three consecutive wins, but Durant was plagued by shoulders, and the hit rate slightly declined. Since the season, Durant has 28.5 points 7.8 rebounds 5.1 assists, and the alphabetic farm has 26.9 points 11.9 rebounds 6 assists.

Last season’s MVP yet is currently ranking in the fourth. His MVP odds are +1000, but Johizi has been injured in three consecutive, the Nuggets are suffering, Murray, Potter, Dozore Others are also on the injury list. At present, the Nuggets are 9 wins and 9 losses, falling to the eighth in the west, about the hope of MVP. Since the season, Jikiki field has 26.4 points 13.6 rebound 6.4 assists.

The fifth in parallel is that East Chicgens and Mitchell, the two odds are +1400. Dong Chico is the top of the break. The number one is hot, but the monk is 10 wins and 7 losses after the opening season. It is not particularly highlighted. The East Chuanchen field is 25 points 8.4 rebound 8 assists, the hit rate is not as good as the first two year. The Mitchellfield is 24 minutes 4.4 rebounds 4.9 assists, and the jazz 11 wins and 6 losses.

The latest MVP odds list ranked 7-10-bit is Badler.


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