The loss of national reimers is chasing the Turki three-point gun to chase Dodge Biography 2-1 to lay a key battle

On October 7, Beijing, China continued to carry out, Washington, in the national stadium, in the national stadium, in the national stadium, in Gaoshiko Daoqi.The nationals who have played a chance to grab 1 victory in the journey, and the game returned to the home, sent Arnebar – Sanchez as award, last year, he reputable on behalf of the Warriors, and the playoff opponent is Dodge.

This game, Sanchez played outstanding, 5 games only lost 1 point, but the neutralization of Corbin was suffocated, and the 0.2 game lost 6 points, and the Dodge Office attacked 7 points against the game. finally,

[Data Highlight]

[Competition process]

In the first place, Sanchez took the lead in playing. Pederson’s first great choice of four bad balls, Mangxi high-speed ball out, Turner is also a hit, Belllinjun is shipped by Sanzhen, Sigs is also four bad balls, two people are full of work, but Pollock was attacked by a near-angle speed, and the waves were emptied to be divided by Zhenzhen, Sanchez resolved the crisis.

The second half of the first game, Liu Xian Zhenpeng. Turner rolling the earth, Eaton four bad balls were sent
to the base, and the Lunden high flying ball was killed. After the two came out, the Sodo hooked out the first home base of the season, and the two cannon help the national leader, 2- 0.

In the second bureau, in the face of the late stage of the Dodge, Sanchez increased the pitching state, and even sent 3 three-vibration, and perfectly solved this half.

In the second half, Suzuki Qing first was killed by Senu; Docel was also killed, Taylor heroes were killed, and the semi-bureau of three on three.

In the third bureau, although Turner hit the second base to play, there is no contribution to the center line, and the Dodge still has no score.

In the third bureau, Liu Xianzhen continued to complete the three three, and maintained the situation of two points.

In the fourth place, Pollock received three vibrations, Luxed although it was hit, but the martin was re-received, the Sanchez 4 bureau has sent 8 three vibrators, which seems to have stimulated all the potential in the face of the latter.

In the second half of the fourth place, Lennden and Sodo continued to be played, no one out of the first floor of the two, one, one; KFRX, high-speed ball, Suzuki knocked out the double kill, Dodge also resolved the crisis of continuing the loss.

In the fifth game, Liu Xian Zhen Zhen, the Pedson’s three-speed direction of the small flying ball; the moment of the two out of the game, the time, the time, the half of the score, Mangxi stood up, and a right foreign country Baseball, this is the second project of the Mangxi Seabrass, helping the Dodge to recover 1 point, 2-1, and the difference is 1 point.

In the second half of the fifth, Taylor is playing, Ternet is automatically guaranteed, and Eaton did not grasp the opportunity of the two people, and a left outer wild shutball was killed and the five games ended.

In the middle of the sixth game, Sanchez completed the pitching work, this 5.0 bureau was killed and lost 1 point, and 9 times were sent 9 times. Another first-acting Pitcher Kribin debut, Belllinjie knocked out a hit, this is the first security play in the playoffs; Sigs stands by Senang, Poolock is also three vibrators; Fritz The debut is knocking out, the key moment, Martin sent a deep and long-term flat, and the two runners ran back the home base, and the Dodge had a rebellion, 2-3.

Subsequently, Taylor made a guarantee, Ernande became a magical third, and a second base was played back to 2 points. The score came to 2-5; after the automatic storage of Mangsi, Cole Bin Renran, the Suerero was slammed by Turner, and the Dodge is 7 points, the ratio is 2-8.

In the second half of the sixth bureau, Kelly changed Liu Xian Zhenpeng, Liu Xianzhen lost 5.0 bureaus was hit 4 supplies lost 2 points, sent 3 three-vibration 2 times. However, 1 of the bodies after Kelly debut did not catch, sent 3 guarantees, was hit by a play, and there was a population of explosion, and the national score, 3-8; Ulias At this time, continue to relay, Kabreira rejoiced a flying sacrifice to send 1 point, but KFR-Ricks ran out the mistakes were caught out of the bureau, two people, 4-8; Taylor’s flying ball was killed, and the national will take 2 points.

In the second half of the seventh game, Fritz continued to contribute to the performance, the second base is playing for a point; Martin is guaranteed to be hit, Taylor is also guaranteed, and Ernand is equally guaranteed, but the Mangxi high-speed ball is connected. Kill, Dodge is still a consistent wasting opportunity.

In the second half of the seventh place, only Eaton hit a hit, the national did not score.

In the first half of the eighth game, Sigge also knocked out, but the other beats did not beat, and the score was still maintained at 4-8.

In the second half of the eighth bureau, Kora Reike debuted, and the record of the Niki was arrested by Zhen Zhen; after caught an out of the game, Qiang Tian Jialai continued to shoot, KFRX high-speed ball out; Gomez The small flipball in the world is killed, and the eight games end.

[Two sides starting]

Los Angeles Daoqi Team:

1. Qiao Ke-Pederson right outside

2. Max – Mangsi

3. Justntine – Turner

4. Cody – Beilinjan Zhongwai Wilder

5. 科 里 – Sigse

6. AJ-Poland left outer wilder

7. 加文 – Luxed two base

8. Russel Martin Catcher

9. Liu Xianzhen pitcher

Washington National Team:

Tre-Terna guerrilla

2. Adam – Eaton right wilder

3. Anthony – Lunden 3rd

4. Juan – Sodo left outer wilder

5. Hayi – KFRK

6. Suzuki Catcher

7. Brian – Dozale

8. Michael-A-Taylor’s Chinese

9. Annebar – Sanchez Pitcher

[Next prospect]

The National Bank Partition Series came to the fourth game. For XXX, it is a non-winning life and death battle. In this game, the national adjustment of the first hair, Xie Zer was postponed until today, he did not get a complete rest, but as long as the national is still in the playoffs, it is unlikely to return to normal round values. The record of the Shezer rancing is 4 wins and 5 losses, 3.78 self-blame rates, and the external card fought 5 games lost 3 points, and some cause the national being eliminated. Dodge is Richard – Hill debut, 4 wins in this season, 4 wins and 1 loss 2.45 self-blame rate, 1 win 2 wins and 2 losses in the playoffs. 3.04. 3 games were first sent in the last season, and the 16.2 game lost 4 points, and the hits were only. 155.


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