The MLB World Contest Finals raised the future of the Great Alliance?

The World Contest has ended, and everyone who is a baseball fan has finished reading all five games. However, for most American audiences, they seem to be any message that is not in the Implicant World Contest.

2018 season red socks and Dodge World contests have a very bleak: 10% of the supe of ratings compared to last year. The ratio of the first game of red socks and Dodge is the fourth low of the first battle of the final battle of the World Competition. Even the Dodge team, this team from the United States, the United States, has not saved the League of the Great Alliance at the ratings.

Such a result allows MLB director Rob Manfred to feel doubts and depressed. They did not find why the border ratings began to fall. Compared with the 1980s, there were more than 4 million people to watch the World Competition. In the 1990s, this number has fallen to around 30 million. In order to now, the number of games is only about 14 million, about one-third of the 1980s.

Now, the current content market competition is more fierce. In addition to more and more families have cable TV, YouTube, Netflix, Amazon has a huge impact on traditional TV programs, including large alliances, causing huge impact. In fact, the first episode of “Big Bang” has a first episode of 1,7 million people to watch, which is better than the World Competition.

The fourth battle of the World Contest held a slogan of

The fourth battle of the World Contest held a slogan of “I am living in the third battle”

Who will be willing to see again?

Review all five games in the World Contest, each time is more than three hours. There are still two more than four hours. Of course, every fans will remember the third battle of the 18th game and the length of 7 hours. Such a competition is over an hour more than the 80s. Not only that, the number of games in the game is currently 10 in the 1980s. The rhythm of the competition is also slower. Ten years ago, the average pitch time interval was 21 seconds, and now, this figure rose to 24 seconds.

Perhaps MLB needs to consider how to enhance the rhythm of the game. In this season, NBA will be adjusted from 24 seconds to 14 seconds from 24 seconds. Perhaps, the big alliance needs to consider cutting the number of competitions, or other effective ways, so that the rhythm of the game begins.

Black Manobacbi helps the fans

Black Manobacbi helps the fans

Is the baseball out of time?

In the 1950s, baseball became the favorite movement of Americans, which made children who grew up in that era. This also created the peak of baseball ratings in the 1980s. However, with more sports in TV, basketball, ice hockey, football, and even Americans are not very loved on football, will compete with baseball. In the children who go to school now, I am afraid there will be more people who will be as idols with Messi. Speatic, Machado, Hill, these baseball stars, I am afraid that James, Durant, and the NBA stars such as Curry.

However, today, today, the World Contest is still more concerned about the US audience. Compared to the NHL Stanley Cup Finals, the focus of MLB is not low. The Great Alliance needs to get a colleague in the new audience, and more need to maintain these old audiences still sticking before the TV. Alliances need to make hients in terms of the number of audiences: Any changes may drive away the old audience, but there is no such changes, and the new audience will not pay attention to this most popular event in the United States.

Of course, MLB operators may especially envy NBA overseas influence. On the other side of the ocean, there are hundreds of millions of viewers to
watch this basketball event. In China, the attention of the fans’ NBA is not poor than that of local fans.

Can the baseball fall in a large number of overseas markets? We look forward to the arrival of this day.


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