The national association partition champion against the little bear laughs to the last home 8-3 Warriors to win the win

On June 25th, Beijing time, the 2019 season MLB American Professional Baseball Grand Alliance has continued. Chicago Cobs hosted in the trophy of Atlanta Warriors. The bear first pitcher Leicester played excellent. Although the 6 bureau lost 2 points but not a self-blade, the line also concluded at the time, and the second half of the 5 bureau got 5 points, and the finals overcome the warrior at 8-3. 2 consecutive victories, 28 wins and 14 defeats at home are also second.

[Data Highlight]

The Warrior first pitcher Hulio Dehuran’s 4.0 bureau was hit by 9 security, lost 7 points, and got 2 three vibrations. In terms of work, the whole team played 8 security, Malkiys had 2 points, and Swansen has a spring gun.

The bears first sent a pitcher Qiong – Leicester’s 6.0 bureau was played 5 security, and the 2 points but not a self-signs, sent 7 three vibrations. In terms of work, the Bear has a total of 10 security, and the Captler Kangrtreras contributes 3 points.

[Competition process]

The second half of the bureau, the small bear Briente was pitched, and the inner chooses to be guaranteed, but Bayz played the inner rolling earth caused double kill, the first bureau of the bear left a restriction.

The second half of the 2nd game, Kanditreras played a reverse direction of the spring gun, and in the process of running with the opponent’s arrest, it almost makes the two teams have a further battle, but also the mood of both parties. Resort, the bear is the first to get 1-0 lead.

In the
middle of the 4 games, Akunia was able to hit the base, then stolen the second base, but the teammates who centered the battles Freman fails to play with Donalman, and the warrior still played with 0- 1 behind.

The second half of the 4th game, the Bayz Ann hit the base, and the strong rolling earth before the previous Kangrtreras did not be blocked by the Warriors guerrilla, and Bayz directly returned to the home split. The ratio is 2-0.

In the middle of the 5 game, Riley played an amaten, the next stick, Albes followed one base, and the Riley ran in some hesitation, the first time did not rush, only on the three bases. At this time, Leicester played his experience and continuously solving the two players of the Warrior and continued to remain unrest.

5 bureaus, the bears ushered in the big way. After Gonzalese is selected, Pitting Leicester makes the posture of the sacrifice, and then suddenly chooses to wave. As a result, he received unexpected good results, not only playing, but also sent teammates to the three bases. Subsequently Schwaber’s far-reaching, the rules of a venue in the ivy fell into the rules of the https://www.b2bshopp.comstanding space.

Following Brines, Rizuo and Bayiez continuously played three anti-directional security, and took 4 points, the score was 6-0. After that, Kangrtreras contributed a point, 5 games, and the bear relied 5 points in the 5th, and pulled the score to 7-0.

In the middle of the 6 games, Akunia was hit by inner wild, and Swansen played in the wild rolling earth caused the walker in the wilderness, the warrior captured the two or three bases. Although the two sticks have been completed, Markakys seizes the opportunity after 2 out of the game, and the mid-line crossing is playing, the warrior finally got 2 points, and chasing the score to 2-7.

In the middle of the 8 game, Swansen played a river spring gun and chased the score to 3-7.

In the second half of the 8 games, the bear was immediately responded, and Hayward also played a spring gun, and then pulled the score to 5 points, 8-3.

9 bureaus, the terminator of the bear, let the Warriors 3, wonderful, and finally won 8-3.

[Two sides starting]

Atlanta Warriors: First Batter Sanaron Ronald – Akunia, the second guerrillance Dansby – Swansen, the third stick Josh-Donalson, the fifth stick right, right, Nick-Malcaki, the sixth stick left outer wilder Austin Riley, the seventh stick, Oti, Albes, eighth stick Taylor – Flavos, Ninth Bar Pitcher Hulio Dehran

Chicago Bear: First Bar Left Foreign Wildele – Schwarberry, Second Based 3rd Square Kris Bryant, Third Stick Anthony – Rizui, Fourth Battle Harville – Bayz , The fifth stick, Wilson-Kangrtreras, the sixth stick Chinese and foreign wild hands Jason – Haield, the seventh stick two bases , Ninth stick pitcher Qiong – Leicester

[Next prospect]

On June 26th, the two sides continued to launch a series of series, the Warriors are expected to send Max Fried, and the current 8 wins and 3 defeat, the self-sharing rate is 4.03. The bear team is expected to send a new show Adbert – Alzola, currently he defeated 1 win and 0, and the self-sharing rate is 2.25.


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