The official website of the TOP5 team list: 7 Link Shengshan on the list, the sun successfully pressed the basket

Beijing time November 30th, NBA official website updated the ranking of the team of alliances this season, in which the 5th NBA team in https://www.nbatrikots4.comsuccessful list, this is the defending champion Bucks from the Eastern Division. At present, the Bucks have been successfully harvesting the regular season 7 consecutive winning record. It can be described as a sharp increase before the team ranking, so in this issue of the NBA official website, the Bucks are also the top of the TOP5. Single name.

The fourth place is that the regular season is 13 wins and 8-loss hotfire. There is no doubt in today’s 21-22 season, the Heat is definitely a powerful force that cannot be ignored, and the team’s record is the eastern part of the season. The upper half. Perhaps inside the final playoffs, the Heat is still able to create a miracle, know that the Heat has successfully entered the NBA Alliance Finals in 2020.

The third place is the basket network of the eastern record of the eastern record, although the Nets is never completely stateful, but relying on the first person in Durant’s alliance, plus super star Hartden The partner cooperates, the Net Network is now successful to get the strongest record of the eastern regular season. And in the NBA official website, the basketball team at this stage is also the top level of the League 3 level.

The second place is finally waiting for a western division team, which is the solar team that is currently holding the 16-game winning record of the regular season. The solar team of this season is undoubtedly the outstanding performance of the final team, and their regular games also prove their strengths in color. Therefore, even if it is a basket network of the easternhead, the current battle list is also behind the Sun team. Rely on such regular competitions, the Sun Team Star Paul is now a candidate player for the regular game MVP.

As for the official website ranking seat to suppress the first team of the 16-winning Sun team, then there is no doubt that can only be the Warriors in the Western Division. Although the Warriors are now only the NBA regular semi-winning win, the Warriors in the season are already 18 wins and 2 losses. The victory rate is also slightly higher than 17 wins and 3-loss, plus the Warriors. The stable data performance, so the Warriors are now the head of the combat power ranking!


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