The patriot running guards after the knee surgery, the rapid new season is still being threatened by a rookie

Sonny Michel is absent from the new England patriots training, making many people. Until the mini training camp, there was reported that Michel recently received knee joint mirror surgery and was recovering.

Get a rest time to help this second grade running to recover quickly.

According to many people familiar, Michel has been rapidly recovering and has been able to run at full speed. It is reported that he spent a lot of time in TB12 sports treatment centers.

In 2018, the first round of the first round of the show has established his main running guard in the playoffs. In the journey to the Super Bowl champion, he won the 336 yards and a record of the record. In the regular season, he completed 209 shots to get 931 yards 6 times.

He played how the role in the 2019 season patriotic array is unclear. The patriot is also a James White threat in the running guard. It is reported that Harris expresses his eyes in this spring training.

The only thing that can be determined is that Michelle will restore health at the beginning of the July training camp.


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