The proliferation is high! The name revealed that there are more and more discussions about the pressure of Woel.

Beijing time November 27th! “New York Times” reporter Marc? Stein released the article today and talked about some of the alliances. He said that the Lakers coach Woger current coach circle did not optimize his future prospects in the Lakers.

For the Lakers Coach Frank Woger, Stein wrote: “Taking into account the lakes currently worrying 10 wins and 10 losses records, as well as lack of flexibility in lineup, alliance coach circles about the pressure on the pressure of Woel is currently facing more and more.”

It is worth mentioning that in the previous previous discussion, Walger is also a second position. The next preceded by the previous five originals of the original, the first five, the first five, is the Pistons of Case (+250), the Lakers’ Walle (+250), the Rockets of Serless (+350), the Wei’s Wei Lee Green (+700) and Thunder Mark – Database & Sports

The current record of the Lakers is 10 wins and 10 losses, only the ninth in the west. Although the rest of the break, the lake lineup changes very large, but this is not the main reason why the team’s record is poor. First of all, the team introduced the Qi Shao after forming a super three giants, naturally it is considered to win the big popularity, but the top 20 game winning rate is only 50%, it is difficult to say.

Although the Lakers’ record may also accompany factors such as injuries and lineup, as the main coach Woger used soldiers are also questioned. Therefore, if the team will not go out of the predicament, Woger is not impossible. After all, the team forms a super lineup to the championship, but now I feel very hanging in the playoffs.


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