The ray trick pitcher Snnell: Why did the Saiyang Award last season have been exploding this year?

Written / Zhang Zihan The MLB in the 2019 season has been too half. The evil empire New York Yangji has just put the Tampawan’s rays and sweeping the United States, and the ray fidelinal player Snerl only grabbed 1 person out of the game, but the 6 points were taken away. , Today, the double city is not allowed to be detached. Recently, this Sai Yang pitcher is worrying.

Even MLB’s strongest team will experience a range of ups and downs in 162 games in the year, this is the true portrayal of Tampawan’s rays. Seeing and 27 consecutive bombings, the worse, the worse, with the depth of the lineup of the small market team, and there is no good solution. But if the ancestors in the array will release Lrek Snnell state blur, the team really wants to lick the alarm.

Tampa Bay hopes that in today’s game, Saiyang pitcher Snerler can revive the sky. But he once again, the main investment 3.1 is killed in 11 points, and the self-blame is soaring 5. This is the first time in Snnell, which was thrown by Yangji.

The career was first shocked to educate Snell state poor state

In the previous game, Brek Snnell lost 6 points, two points were knocked out, and only one-third of the bureau, this is his 89 The league is the shortest one. Since the first show of the Great Alliance in 2016, Snene has never been detained in the first game. Yangji gave his textbooks.

“The team is very lucky,” the overall coach Kevin Kash said. “First loses two games, then send the team’s king Black first main investment, we all think this is a good opportunity to avoid sweeping, but what is expectation is not happening. Just a failure, this is also a piece Good things because it happened in June rather than September. “

Snell’s nightmare kicked off since the game, Yang Kikiji-Sanchez directly sent a three-point gun to fell into the vortex, this home hit is also the fourth of Sangchez career boom.

Snell’s largest enemy is actually himself. His ball is completely found to find a good shield edge, which directly leads to a single four guaranteed, seriously relying on the ball and shifting ball into a well-known secret.

There is a spheres of Snnell self-discounted, and this operation is a bit can't touch the mind.

There is a spheres of Snnell self-discounted, and this operation is a bit can’t touch the mind.

Among the 39 pigeons of Snell, 24 balls are changing balls. Visiting too many shifts, avoiding the use of straight or beators to decide the biggest problem in Snell Bernard. It’s hard to imagine his straight ball up to 95 miles / hour, but it is not taken to be a main battle weapon.

After being exploded by Yangji, Snell said at the media conference: “The bad day is over, I have to forget this night. I can find the past, I have to attack the ball belt, try to find Go back to the state. “

Compared with the Mei League prize last year, Brek Snell’s personal data was seriously declining, and the self-blade rate was started from the beginning of the last season to the beginning of this game.

2018 War Cai Yang Awards This season can not be stable

Brek Snell’s 2018 season is not just a simple career year, his data is in a few years, the competition of the leadership is compressed. He entered a state after the opening season, Snell’s firepower, and a variable curling ball made the player once again swallowed. Since May last year, Snell’s self-sharing rate is 1.25 wins and 2 losses in terrorist 1.25.

Before this game today, Zenell was first sent in 15 wins and 6 defeats, and the self-sharing rate was 4.40. The self-sublet of this season even has to catch up with the self-sublet of the whole season last year. In the past two games, he sent him a total of 4 or more.

Is Snell’s arm hurt? No. Is the ball fell? Also no. Is it lucky? It seems that it is not. Is there a problem with the ball? Declined last year, but no harm is elegant.

Brek Snerl is still the race, and he is even better than the last season. He let the players have risen, and the good ball rate has a small increase and the boost rate is also declined. In the past, it has also been done very well, and the season has been arrested.

Get a corridation rate, the main cause of the rays, the attack is a big problem.

The easiest explanation of Snell This year, why is the reason why this is not good. Last year, the ball that may be killed by the outer country’s beautiful technology now has formed a long way. The past two bases is to fly out of the stadium to form a home run. But the biggest difference is that Snell is in the performance of someone in a point.

Last season, Snell was performed in the case of someone who had someone who had someone, and the opponent’s hits only 088. Under the case of some people in the season, the hit rate of the player is 2% 36. Only this one can explain that he is a large part of himself.

The reason for the high hit rate is high in the case of the opponent’s premises, involves Brek Snnell’s ball strategy. This Synell is too “fascinated”, although the power of pitching does not reduce but lacks the match with the straight ball, did not let the player generate a speed difference between the two balls.

The ball is Snnell's killing skill, but too much use also makes the player gradually habits.

The ball is Snnell’s killing skill, but too much use also makes the player gradually habits.

In June last year, Snell has 55.5% of the probability of traveling. This ratio is reduced to 44.1% this year, and there is no more choice of curves and shift balls to diverters without any decline. In fact, in September, September has significant changes, his straight-ball use rate is reduced to 40%.

Communication between balloons and trapping is very related. There is a interesting statistical that this Synell spent more time, from last year 23.4 seconds to 26.6 seconds in 2019. Although the simply used time to analyze the transfer of communication is a menstruation, the rays of the rays have their own problems.

The main battle of the ray was Mike – Zunnozano’s four-headed muscle strap had not been repeated, and the hit ratio was less than 20%. The newly signed metropolis will catch Travis – De Arnold is very good. At present, only 32 games have been ran out of the opponent 14 pirates, even worse, his interpretation is not small. problem. He is originally attacked in the offensive, and he has striped the strikes this season, but the hit rate is two-to-down.

Balliness or elite Punner Snell Purpose next half season

Although many objective factors are affected, Brek Snell is still one of the elite pitches of today’s MLB. Only 26 years old, the state of life can be understood, the problem is that he is too good last season, causing many rays that fans look forward to too high, this season, his data becomes the average level of the fans.

Snell state is not good, but the rays have changed as compared with the last season, and the winning rate is situated more than 50%. The first round value is not bad, but the fire support has always been a problem. Today’s game is once again exposed, the apex pitcher Snnell is in turn into a short board in the first round value.

The good news is Blake Snnell’s speed and pressure resistance without decline. His quartz speed reaches 95.7 mph, and the 79-bureau’s pitch also casts 105 three vibrators. For Snell, the most important thing is to adjust ball strategies and emotions on the field.

MLB is a long 162 games, and there are two weeks to be all star games. Today, although the game, Snell, there is still a chance to adjust the state in the next half season.


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