The road is narrow! Counting the history of Alabama and Clemsen for a hundred years

On December 30th, Beijing time, the crazy NCAAF university rugby game is full of war. In two semi-finals, the Clemsen University took the lead 30-3 Master University, the former grabbed a final ticket while seemed to be hungry at the University of Alabama. In the subsequent competition, Alabama University did not have a soft hand, 45-34 defeated the University of Oklahoma and the Clemsen Association. The American Rugby Final will be 9 o’clock in the morning of January 8, Beijing, and the San Cruel Santa Clara Livis Stadium, which is the home of San Francisco’s 49 people.

Historical grievance

The University of Alabama and the University of Clemenson, the team of the two southern universities have a long and brilliant history in rugby. It is worth noting that this is already in the finals of the two teams for four consecutive years. In addition to meetings in advance last year, the two teams in 2016 and 2017 have entered the finals. This is also Alabama and Clemsen’s finals in the third meeting in four years.

Clemenson has overcome Alabama in a row, but the first World War has not shot at that time. In 1900, Cromson hired John Husman (that is, the Haisman Awards of Haisman) from Auben University, and then in 1900 in 19 – 0, 1905 in 1905 in 1905. The three zero seals of -0 defeated the University of Alabama. However, until 1981, Clemenson took the first champion trophy of school history, and At that time, Alabama had established his own dominance in college football. Since 1905, Alabama’s record is 14 wins in Kremsen, including 13 consecutive victories of Clemsen in 1909-2016.

In recent times, in 2016, the two sides jointly dedicated a wonderful counterattack, eventually ended with Alabama 45-40. In 2017, when Det Sands Watson, Clemsen, who was 14 minutes behind, in the third quarter, and defeated Alabama with the 35-31. Last year, two teams met in the semi-final sugar bowl, and Alabama 24-6 lightly took Clemsen, the former finally defeated Georgia University to win.

Look forward

To say which team can best represent NCAA football, it is definitely a red tide of Alabama. If it is not the birth of Dude Shaun Watson led Clemsen to block Alabama, now Alabama has already Winning for 3 consecutive years. Despite this, two championships in three years, are also enough to make the world feel the horror of Alabama. This season, the team is not only 13 battles, and in addition to the Southeast League final (SEC), all the competitions have lost their suspense after the end of the three sections or even half a half. The four-dimensional Tu A-Toyawa can become the second Husman candidate in history, is because his joining the attack of Alabama has increased to a time-time level. Averaging score (47.9 points, nearly 10 points higher than the second high), the average proposal code (527.6 yards) and the average of several key data for each offensive code (7.92 yards) is all in recent years. Best of the championship. Although Alabama’s defense this year did not do well, it was not much more decent when the team was more than 10 minutes per game.

In recent years, the Clemsen University has become a second university football “Dynasty Team” outside the University of Alabama, and I have played an amazing stability and domination of Shaoshi Dhaobi-Schni. . Unlike Alabama, Clemsson has lived over the years, which has been survived. This year’s team’s defensive group is almost ranked in the country in every key data. It is enough to make any team. In the 2017 season, Clemsen once reached a tough defensive to enter the finals, but if there is no Det Shan Watson, the Klemenson tiger team will definitely compete with Alabama. In the face of the University of Notre Dame, the Tiger Team or the devastating defensive defensive in the cotton bowl, the first year of the demon four points, Dref-Lawrence passed 327 yards 3 times, he is the team. Waiting for the four-point guard of the battle. For Clemsen, they have proved to the world that when the team has a championship level, they are not afraid of any university rugby team, including Alabamahong. Now, the Klemen tiger seems to be ready.

It is worth noting that this is the first time in the history of the university football final, the winner will be known as the first single game for the first single game since the 1897 Pennsylvania University. team. If Alabama finally won the championship, then the head coach Nick Saipan will win the seventh university football champion of his career, surpassing the legendary coach Bill Bryant Become the number of rugby titles in history. Once Clemenson wins, the Durbo Schni will join Saipan and Ohio, Meiya, become the third master of the leader who has received university rugby championship.

As an old family, the two teams love to kill more than a century, before watching the game, about the cold knowledge of the two teams!


The defensive players in Klemenson have been selected in the first round of the NFL dragons for three consecutive years. It is the only one in NCAA.

The most winning record of Clemsen is 17 consecutive victories.

Clemen was originally a man military school. In July 1893, Clemenson Agricultural University is called the Clemenson Agricultural University. At that time, there were 446 students in the school.

In 1917, all senior senior students in Crime of Klemen participated in the First World War.

Clemsen has a total of 18 games with Alabama, but since 1905, only 1 game.

Haysman award name John Hesman has served as head coach in Clemen from 1900 to 1903.

Clemsen has hired 5 Alabama’s alumni, who has worked as head coach, and the 5 Alabama alumni led Klemenson to the number of teams of nearly 50%.


The University of Alabama was founded in 1892, and the name of the name is “Red Alert”, and the name is “Red”.

In 1860, the University of Alabama was a military school until 1903 was changed.

The University of Alabama got a total of 17 national championships, and lasting was last year.

In 1969, the 100th year of the Interchange Rugby League was established. The head coach Bell Bryant led Alabama 38-13 to defeat Clemsen to win the 100th victory in his career.

Alabama University is currently head coach Nick Saipan’s score of 141 wins and 20 losses, and a total of 232 victories.

Everything in the world, there are many things, such as the geese, the autumn, and the big horse fish rushed to mate one from the spring. There is also such a law on the football court. For example, Cam-Newton’s play is always a good year. And the championship is related to the relationship.

The patriot may be the team that I don’t want to see Alabama to enter the finals, because since 2009, as long as Saipan led Alabama’s event to win the season. Xuan Xue tells us that if Alabama has not won the championship, the patriot has half hoped to compete in the super bowl, but as long as the Alabama finally won the championship, the patriot is probably not playing …


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