The sagama is very well understood by the team’s offensive system. This is his duty.

One important reason why Kyler Murray has been associated with the outside and Arizona, which is very well known to the offensive system of Red Kingsbury. This layer contact continues to be eye-catching in the break training.

Old will pick up the Larry Fitzgerald, recently, recently, this rookie quadruption is the most understanding of the offensive system. Murray agreed with the view of the teammates, but he said this is his duty.

“Obviously, I am more familiar with the attack tactics; Kingsbury coach knows the most clear.” Murre said in an interview on Tuesday. “He (Fitzgerade) as an old will, did not come to the rest training, and I am here every day, every day, I am learning attack tactics, I am indeed more understanding. But this is my duty “

The experience of Murray University has made him more than some old will lead the attack on the attack tactics, but he is not the only premium player who is familiar with the Kinsibury system.

“It may be some truth, he has been in a similar offensive system for so many years,” Jinsuri said to Murray’s evaluation. “I also understand the attack tact. Some of the terms and concepts really have experienced before they have experienced.”

For Murray, it is true that the attack tactics is just a part of the task. When the official competition is true. The rickets can be depends largely on its arm, legs and minds. It is a good news that can be familiar with the offensive system for him.


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