The star of the stars! MLB All-Star Menren’s first list released: Ticket King Truite leads

MLB Mennament All-Star Shift

MLB Mennament All-Star Shift

This year’s all-star votes have ever had ever, you must first pass the first round of stars, each of the top three in each position (the foreign country is picking up nine), and finally the final round of voting, and finally Out of the big fans, you can represent the Alliance in this year’s Cleveland, which is the home of the Cleveland, which is the racket of this year. After the final result came out, which players won the leading level of the US alliance? Let us come to see what the nine players are sacred.

Catcher – Gary Sanchez (Gary Sanchez), New York Yangji team

After a amazing 2017 season and a disappointed 2018 season, this year Sanchez once again used a big home base to declare himself is the most attacked catcher in the US League. At present, the 23-year-old barrier is hitting all the Alliance’s catcher. It is also important to be eight-year-old in the US League, which is very difficult for a catcher who is not high for offensive requirements. Anti-stricken radon plus a progressive defense, Sanchez is well deserial for this time.

Basebrush – Carlos Santana, Cleveland India

After a year of Philadelphia, Santana returned to this familiar Indian home. This time, he will wear the team of his team, and he served as a first base in his homeland. The past is a stable gunner. This year’s Santana is more on the stairs, and the hits are also improved, supplemented by the original global eye (57 assurance but only 53 times), 0.411 The oscillation rate is the best achievement in the full league. In front of the folks, I won the first award, the first star game in Santana’s career is said to be very perfect.

Two base hand-D. J. Lemeu (D. J. Lemahieu), New York Yangji team

Looking at the big hole in the current second base, Colorado Sile must regretting the race season to bring Leme Mei to New York. The two bases that have always been stably stabilized, playing a very stable medium-sized pillar in the Yangji striking of the wounded soldiers this season, and the striking three is the highest, and there are 12 bases. The high-yield performance of the home base is 54 points, and the diamond strip from the middle of the big turn-free soldiers, and sent himself to the position of the all-star competition.

Tablets – Alex Bregman, Houston Space

The family of the World Competition champion, Braggman although the hits this season’s hit rate slightly declined, the increasing ballistic capacity (59 guaranteed / 46 times by Senuct) created a 0.394 super high degree rate, plus The 22-year-old collee of the whole league is playing, let alone the top of the team’s defensive guerrilla zone during teammates Coria injury. So the performance of this attack, the excellent record of Houston Spaceman must give Bregman to a big work, and the Trinity of the All-Star Tournament is not him.

Guerrilla – Holhi – Polland (Jorge Polanco), Minnesota Shuangcheng

It is one of the most amazing players in this season. The magnitude of Polish Branch is the same as the record of Shuangcheng, Minnesota. Who can think that last year’s performance is only a general, he actually turns into the US League What is the important figure of the lead power? The 0.321 hit rate of the entire League guerrilla, more than the 11-year-old base of the total output last year, the 25-year-old young teenager can grab the position of the first hair in the guerrilla area of ??the stars. It is enough to explain how amazing this season.

Outfielder – Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angel Team

Speaking of all star games, how can I not have the first person of the league, “Shen Zhu” participation? The highest 1.099 attack index in the US League Outfield, 0.307 hits Rates Take 22 self-playing 56 points, the 8th pirates are successful, how to see how all, even by the number of three (60 times) ) More than the number of times (68 times), there are 3 field blossoms, so all-round skills, of course, it is worth a first position of a star game.

Older Hand – George Springer, Houston Space Strong

It is also a general of the Houston Space Card, although it is ten days because of injury, there is less than 2,30 Spring, but there is no backward behind the number of homes. This year, he is better for the ball. 50 games have 18 strokes. It is very likely to surpass the highest single season 34 of his career. Such an explosive attack output is equipped with an excellent field defense. All the US alliances in the Alliance, Springer is worth having a place.

Older Hand – Michael Brantley, Houston Space

How is it a player of Houston Space? Behind the tall of the record, it must be a good player to win the game. As a race season space team, there is also a major in the farm. When the potential is a rookie, the space man is still decided to sign Brandeli, and the latter uses a 0.317 hit rate, 11 stable 43 points of stable data returned his precision vision. Spaces with high records naturally attracted many fans voting. The first-race of the star competition is the fans to reward Brand-Televial’s rewards in the last half of the half season.

Specify strike – Hunter Pence, Texas Tour Cavalry

The old representative of this year will return to the spring. At the season, the glory of the star owners actually worked, only to join the Texas priest to join the Texas. But Pens proves that he can still play with the ball in his hand! Close to 30% of the hit rate, 15 strokes to call 48 points, this is not like a player who can only sign the small alliance contract, and more like the star owner of the San Francisco, Pens. Resurrected!

The above is the first round of the US League of the MLB Star Tournament this season. About the pitcher is announced in the future, the final round player “is not automatically selected”, all decided to have the official Announce. In addition, at least one player will be selected for the basic principles of each team, no matter which team’s fans have the opportunity to look forward to a wave of self-owners. Who will happen to the cold? What is the regret of the pearl? Let us wait and see!


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