The worst battle in the season! The worst record of the Curriped Data Creating Career, the scheduling list and the record of the record have fallen to the second!

On December 1st, Beijing time, 2021-22 season NBA regular competition is in the battle. In today’s focus, the Warriors lost to the Sun Team at 96: 104 away. The 7-winning victory of the Warriors was ended, and the Sun team won 17 games. At the same time, the results of the two teams becomes 18 wins after the game today, because the victory is related, the Warriors are more than super!

The Warrior team failed to stop the Sun’s team’s winning foots, and a part of the stars must bear part of the responsibility. In today’s competition, Curry came for 36 minutes, 21 shots only lived in 4 goals, of which three scores only 14 3, free throw 1 in 1, total 12 points 3 rebounds 2 assists, his positive and negative value is only To -17 is the lowest player in the team!

After so bleak, Culi has created a record. Among them, this is the worst shooting performance of Curry Career Single Expedition, the worst
record of the previous previous is 2010, the 21st voted 5 of the lakes! At the same time, 12 points in parallel library score this season, 19% of shooting hit rate is the lowest record this season!

In today’s competition, Curry was attacked by the solar team, and it was difficult to find his rhythm in the game, which was very serious. In the second quarter, Curry is trying to find a feeling of hunting through multiple shots, but only 10 in the single section. In the 3rd section, Lugli only hit a three-pointer. In the key big battle, Kuri even hard to get a chance, two shots, only by other technical fouls, 1 point.

At the same time, because the Nets Durant gets 27 points today, the Curry is overcharged by Durant on the scorer, falling to the second place.

However, for the Curry and Warriors, they don’t have to be too depressed. Because after three days, the two teams will usher in a championship at the Warriors.


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