Three points 6 in 0 + 7 mistakes, Harden is hosted at home, Nash responded: It is very difficult to him.

On November 28th, Beijing time, the Net Network and the Sun Team, the two joints, the rigor, the finals of the regular season, and the final sun team is more winning the game to win win, the home battle basket is helpless 107: 113 is not enemy sun team. In this regular season, the NT team’s two-family Tarten’s data performance is undoubtedly very low. The Harden will get 12 points and 13 rebounds 14 assists in 4, including Harden’s three points. The ball is done in 6 investment 0, and
the shooting rate of the whole game is only 26.7%.

In addition to such a bad hit rate, Harden’s mistake is quite a spicy eye. The game Harden is finally a cumulative 7 mistakes. It is necessary to know that the total number of mistakes in the three-person group of the Sun team is only 8 times. Harden now has a person’s failure to the entire team of the sun. Although Durant is still a highly efficient and stable data performance, it is helpless because Harden’s performance is too pulled, the final basket team is not able to overcome the strong enemy in the regular season.

It is worth mentioning that Harden’s current state of state seems to be dissatisfied with the basketball fan, in the fourth quarter of this game, when Harden appeared at this game, the home of the Net Network It was unbelievable to ring. There is no doubt that this is definitely a very embarrassing thing, especially Harden or a NBA superstar player in the year. I don’t know if I heard the fans gave to myself, Harden will do everything in the heart.

In the media interview after the game, the Basketball coach was also talked about Haden’s vessel performance, responding to this Nash: “This game is undoubtedly very difficult for Harden, and he has some mistakes, at the same time It didn’t get a good opportunity to get a good opportunity. “Nash also said this is part of the lineup system, and the team will help Haden out of the current dilemma. In addition, although the Nets lost this battle of the routine focus of this strong dialogue, the team is still the first place in the Eastern Division with 14 wins and 6 regular regulations!


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