Two people players won the free medals and two new late superstars

The relationship between US President Donald-Trump and NFL has been very subtle, especially after Cape Nick leading the “national song door” incident, Trump and NFL have fresh news. Now this relationship seems to have a turn, Trump announced on Saturday that the winners of his first President Freedom medals include the two players of NFL Hall of Fame – Roger Sto Bach and Allen – Page.

Roger Storbach served in the Navy and then started 11 years of career at Dallas Deni. In the 11 years, he passed the ball 22700 yards, 153 passes to the ball; at the same time, he also slammed the ball 2264 yards, the squash codes 5.5 yards and 20 shocks reached. He retired in 1979 and was selected in 1985.

Allen Page In the Minnesota Victorium and the Chicago Xiong team, he hit a total of 15 NFL season, and he was hailed as the most terrible rushing hand in the alliance during service. In the 12-year period of Viking, he won 5 times in the national contest in the 12-year period of Viking. Career 9 times selected professional bowl, 1971 and 1973, he was rated as the best defenders of the Alliance; in 1971, he received the most valuable player of the alliance, as a defensive group player got MVP, Page The strength can be seen.

He was selected in 1988, after retired from NFL, he opened his legal career and served as a Judge of the Supreme Court of 20 years in Minnesota.

The President’s Freedom Medal is the highest honor of the United States for civilian rewards. The White House will hold a commendation ceremony in the next Friday. Sto Bach and Page have become two people in the seven winners, and they have awarded them together with famous music superstars “Cat” Elvis Presley and “Baseball God” Beibi Lu S.

“Cat” – Elvis Presley can be said to be the first idolithic superstar of American pop music, he has a great globe with its handsome face and distinctive stage expressions. Welcome, and his dance steps and performance styles have attracted a strong tempering trend at the time. More importantly, the “Cat King” has a profound impact on rural music, blue-tune music and rock music, promoting the great development of American pop music.

“Baseball God” Beibi Rus is a person who is god by many baseball fans, and he won the World Competition in 20 years in the 20-year period of the Boston Red Socks and New York Yangli, 7 The United States is the first, 6 times, the first. The career leaving 2873 support, 714 complete hits and 2213 points, the whole career hits 3% 42. Family familiar with baseball should understand such data means how great personal performance.

Congratulations to Stabach and Page, at least they can have the same name with the two late superstars on this award.

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