Two-three things that MLB must know

From now on, a new era of Toronto Blue Birds began – a new era with small Franmir Guerrero Jr..

It is probably one of the newcomers who are most expected in history, this super-rookie will settle up his career at the time of Auckland at night. After several weeks of long wait, a few years of star-shining scouts and countless exercises were prepared for this moment, he, Xiagrero came.

Xiaogrero has not yet played in the highest hall of the baseball, and once he left the first play record, this will immediately become a major moment in the history of the Blue Bird team. Do you feel very exaggerated? Not at all, this is the extent that Xiaogrero is concerned by everyone, which is the pressure and attention of this birth in Montreal, Canada, who grows in Domini.

Baseball fans have been forced to wait for this day, and the following is what we sorted out, most fans often ask about Xiaogrero’s problem, about his sense of debut, the Blue Bird Team is at this stage and long-term What is influential.

Q: Why is he concerned?

A: Small Greor has been attacked by everyone, a large part of the reason is because his father’s father is old Grero Sr.. But now, Xiagrero starts talking to himself with a ball. Simple and rude, Xiaogrero has become a small number of people in history, and he is even almost unbelievable age group. Last year, when he was only 19 years old, Xiaogrero bombarded in the four levels of the small alliance, and the 20-sports hits were handed over to 95 points in the 95 games, 0.381 hits, 0.437 Race rate and terror data of 0.636 long prime rate.

When Summer 2015 and the Blue Bird were signed, Xiagrero got a huge signing of 39 million dollars, and then started from the summer of MLB official website since last summer. At the moment of Charlie Montoyo, Charlie Montoyo raised him, Become of Xiagrero became the facade of the Blue Bird Team, even though he was a rookie, this is his team.

Q: How will the Blue Bird Team use him?

A: Xiaogrero will be a new three-base hand, and the original three bases will move the second base, and now the first two bases Eric – Eric Sogard will return to an inner standby role. Xiaogrero should currently be fixed daily, but he will occasionally adjust the specified blow to adjust itself. When he served as a designated blow, Drui will return to the three bases. At that time, the second base will be held by Sogod or Allen Hanson (Alen Henson).

Q: How do Xiaogrero will play the first few?

A: In his first game, Xiaogrero will serve as a first three base, the fifth rod.

Q: How many will Xiaogrero’s back?

A: Like his father, he will wear a jersey on the 27th.

Q: What opponents will be encountered?

Right Pitcher Mike Mike Fiers, this season, 6 times, 2 wins and 2 negative points, will be the first firing of this game. Faire was all over the past two games, and he was hit by two projects, and he was a total of 6 this season. His last first happened, also touched the Blue Bird, and he only cast a 3.1 bureau sent a three-vibrate, and he was shot down with 9 security. The 33-year-old right pitcher has never tasted the taste of winning the winning of Boston’s red socks on April 5, and his career is 8 times, 1 win 4 Negative, 4.5’s self-blade. After the French Ill, the next game Xiaogrero will meet the left pitcher Brett Anderson and the final battle of the series, Chris Basstt.

Q: What is the performance of the old Grro’s career?

A: Old Grero was in the event of the Montreal Expo at the Atlanta at the Atlanta at the Atlanta. At the time, the 21-year-old old Grero played a place in his career, and the performance of the day was 5 playing 1. Old Greeo ran in 9 games in the year, hitting 5 security in 27 counts, but Laoger Rear really became the main player in May.

Q: What kind of defensive performance we can expect Xiaogrero to us?

A: Xiaogrero’s hitting ability is unquestionable, but his defensive observance is obvious. The Blue Bird team did not know where he was moved when he was shifting, because they did not determine if Xiaogrero can complete the double kill in the second base. He is also worried about the defensive defense of the three bases and the defense of the side line. In the next few months, it is time to inspect, Xiaogrero will show his ability to survive in the third base position, or increase the sound of him to prevent the first base?

Q: How will Xiaogrero’s initial playback will affect his contract?

A: The Blue Bird team will have to put small Greoro to their 40-person list, and Xiaogrero can play in the game. Grero will receive free players after the end of the 2025 ball season. When everyone feels that he will live in the big league level, it is still possible to have a small alliance to Little Grello, and this will also affect his major alliance.

Q: That, how do you watch the little Greoro?

A: Then please pay attention! As long as there is a blue bird’s broadcast, you can see this rising super star!

Finally, add the cold knowledge of the Blue Birds:

The youngest blue bird player who hits anabits: Brian Milner, June 23, 1978, 18 years old 218 days

The youngest blue bird player hit the home run: Danny Ainge, June 2, 1979, at the time of 77 days (yes, NBA)

The last career preserved Bird player: J. P. Allense (J. P. Arencibia) August 7, 2010

King of Blue Bird Team: Eric Hinske 2002, Alfredo Griffin 1979

The youngest blue bird player debut:

Milna, June 23, 1978, 18 years old 218 days

Elvis Luciano, March 31, 2019, 19 years old 44 days

Fred Manrique, August 23, 1981, 19 years old 291 days

Manuel Lee, April 15, 1985, 19 years old 297 days

Anji, May 21, 1979, at the time of 65 days


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