Unveiling the battle countdown 1 day: a goat! Brady’s legendary career is still continuing

First dial the time back to the 2000 NFL dramatic conference. After the selection of 198 in front of 198 times, the New England patriots took off four points from the University of Michigan. At that time, no one thought that one may be the best player in NFL, so that I walked into the big stage of NFL with the six-round show. Today, the five superb bowls of rings are held, Braddy, three regular game MVP trophy, will officially begin to fight their own careers in the 19th season. Let’s take a look at the legendary journey of this way.

Braddy is a 49 people to die.

Braddy is a 49 people to die.

San Francisco 49 people dead loyalty

Tom Braddy, born on August 3, 1977 in St. Martao City, California, USA. As a bay area, his self-like team is 49 people in San Francisco. When he is 4 years old, he witnessed Montata to Delule-Clark’s “The catch” in the candlestick. Killing the Dad, this ball helped 49 people defeated Dallas denim in the 1981 National Lands. There is no doubt that Braddy’s dream is a player of 49 people.

High school star Braddy

High school star Braddy

High school star

Braddy was a sports star in high school, and the baseball basketball football three administers were unique. However, for Brradi, the high school officially added to the rugby school team, his more dazzling label or the main catcher of the baseball team, a strong player height of 193 cm. Then, in 1995, MLB drafts, Braddy, as a capture, was selected in the 18th round of the Montreal Expo at the high school. But he did not choose to try to start his professional baseball career – and it is better to fight the hard-working small union with a low-round identity, it is better to come to the next floor. In its high school graduate, Brradi and his father have tick five universities and prepared to determine which university will play rugby in the next four years.

Although UCLA and USC are not interested in high school students from the Bay area, another traditional Haoqiang Michigan has a door for Bradi. Their assistant coach Harris decided to talk to him after seeing Brradi’s tape. Thousands of miles often have uncommon, so, in this way, Braddy was brought to the University of Michigan.

Breddy University playing moments

Breddy University playing moments

No. 7 of Michigan University

Come to the University, the competition is naturally more intense. In the ranking of the official lineup depth table of the University of Michigan, Braddy only ranked 7th in the four-guard position. The first two years Breddy took the bench. Until 1998, the main four-dimensional demivator of Michigan’s two years was taken away by Denver Horse in the NFL draft of the year. He finally got a valuable starting opportunity. However, in the first NCAA competition in his life, Braddy and his team actually burst over. After a week, the University of Michigan welcomed the event of the season of Xuecheng University, and once again, Braddy had no way to pick up the attack, and finally under the gaze of 110,000 people, he was replaced by four points Guardru – Hansens Down. However, Braddy did not have the trust of the coach, but continued to serve as the team. Subsequently, Braddy, who was shame, led the team, played a wave of 8 consecutive victories, and finally got known to himself. In 1998 and 1999, Brradi was a first 25 games in the University of Michigan, and the winning rate was as high as 80%.

Breddy's body side data is very bad

Breddy’s body side data is very bad

Countdown body test data

The physical measurement data before the NFL dragons tend to bring a huge impact on the selection of the team management. If the player is not good, the performance is not good, and the result is usually a rotation decline. Although Braddy has 193 cm, 102 kg’s weight makes him look thin. The 40-yard sprint of 5.24 seconds was ranked second in the 24-bit quarter-free row in the same year. Vertical jump is only 24.2 feet, the ranking is first. When San Francisco 49 people’s coaches, Maruqi, gave this evaluation for Braddy who participated in the physical test: “His figure looks like never to go to the power room. The sprint speed is too slow, there is no strong legs As for the passage level and strength, Brradi’s arm is just a normal arm force. “The final Braddy’s physical measurement is ranked 9th.

Interestingly, Braddy is ready to have a resume in front of the draft. However, until the end, God still cares for him. A total of 12 quadrants were selected on the same year, while Braddy was the 7th place. When I came to No. 199, Bellchik found that Braddy was still in the shelves, and he was determined to bring this quadrant to Boston, and let Breddy’s job resume stone seaside. Until the first few years, Braddy did not look out at the time of this ready-made job resume, becoming a bit.



Bill Bellick

If there is no this Bole, I am afraid that there is no Braddy today. The patriot took 10 people in the 2000 draft, 5 people selected before Braddy, can be described as a whole army. But no one thought that the 4-point guards of this 4th were left in the official list of patriots in the 2000 season. The explanation given by Bilchk was that Braddy had potential because he left a feeling that he thought as the most valuable player on the field, we didn’t want to cut him back and return to the training lineup, thus Let other teams take away the quadrant. It turns out that Bellchik’s Huali Gold has become a seed for himself to become a celebrity class.

5 super bowls, 4 super bowls MVP, 3 regular match MVP

The second week of regular season in the 2001 season, the main four-point guard at the time of the patriot, and the 3rd Drule Braz Bradido was injured, and Braddy came out. Who can think of this six-round Shuangwei actually succeeds in the team’s history level, and he has been in the world!

On the same year, patriots against the Auckland raid. In the last two minutes in the game, Breddy was killed by the ball to be taken by the raid player, but after the referee was retried, Braddy had already made a pass action, so it was unsuccessful, blow penalty. Finally, the patriot will kill from any ball. Breddy’s first starting season, successfully advanced to the super bowl, and burst into the super bowl and detained the Saint Lusius ram, and won the first super bowl of the team.

Two years later, Brradi’s third season, they won the Tetan Pony in the playoff, and the final super bowl defeated the panther and won the team’s second crown. The next 2004 season, he led the team to successfully defend. Four years three crops, the first small dynasty in the new century was born!

In the 2007 season, the patriot took the first full-win regular season after the 1972 Miami Doubara. Interestingly, in the past, Brradi even got a four-point guardian of 158.3 points. The 50 games in the season also made him a four-dimensional bath that he came to 50 this number in history. The patriot will win 18 games all the way, but the evening is not guaranteed by the New York giant to take the super bowl, and I missed the second “perfect season” after the 1972 dolphin after NFL. However, the expression of epic is still let Breddy take the regular season MVP.

In 2010, Braddy took the second regular game MVP trophy in life. The bridi and patriots who came to the 2011 season and re-returned the super bowl were eventually lost to Elays Manning’s giants and re-hated.

Finally, in the 2014 season, the Brady’s team wore the defending champion Seattle Hawks and got the fourth super bowl of champion trophy. Ten years ago, Braddy and Patriots who had a sense of enthusiasm have never thought that this fourth crown is awkward. However, they are also winners, after two degrees of superb bowls in 2007 and 2012, many people have doubt: Braddy is not a super bowl again? And this time, let this question are completely broken!

In the 2016 season, Braddy was banned from alliances because of the “ventilation”. But this did not block the pace of the patriot, they fierce all the way, and easily break from the United Unitedity. But the biggest hindrance appears on the 51st superbit – owns the new department MVP Matt – Lan and the league number external Julio Jones’s Atlantian big fundment gave the patriots, and established 28-3 in the second half Huge leading advantage. However, ginger is still the old spicy, Braddy leaders offensive group strongly, and the defensive group also restricted the false restrictions. 34-28, patriot overturned! Legal 25 minutes can complete reversal, naturally the history of the super bowl, know that the previous record is just 10 points. Dare to ask the Patriots of Braddy, who else can do? ! Breddy’s personal removal of 466 yards 2 times in the 466 yards, 2 times, 1 time, 43 times, 43 times, 43 times, 43 times.

In the 2017 season, the patriots who have played the defending championship once again won the United States 1 seed seat, and the personal third regular game MVP trophy was also incorporated by Braddy. Although the Patriot has encountered a relief block of defending Jin Jacksonville American Tiger in the Meeting final, it is still a danger. On the 52nd super bowl, the development of plots is so familiar – the patriot is almost a score behind, but in the fourth quarter. The end of the finale is so different – the eagle quickly took back the lead, and only 2 minutes or more clock left, grabbed the ball to win the victory. Black 505 yards of Braddy can only accept a reality of a loss …

41-year-old evergreen tree

In June of this year, a report of ESPN on Braddy’s retired intentions in social media triggered everyone’s attention. Breddy himself replied to “45” below Spanish, don’t I hint him to win to 45? However, in accordance with the current momentum, Braddy, who has just been 41, is really likely to be 45 years old. Breaking the NFL history of the NFL history created by the 44-year-old 44 years old, it should only be a small goal. MVP? Super bowl? There are more old records waiting for him to rewrite!

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