Watch -NFL playoffs 49 vs Vikings Garo Poirot led the team to advance to the League of Nations finals

Beijing on January 12 morning, surging this season, leading the National League San Francisco 49ers sits at home – Levi’s Stadium (Levi’s Stadium), with the wild card race promotion upset the Minnesota Vikings launched a semi-final clash.

49 people seven years to prove safety champion to return to the playoffs, the Vikings fans confident on the potential for a gram or less

The 49 people after a lapse of seven years to re-enter the playoffs to get people excited about the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley, have rushed to watch the team’s first playoff game from all over California. Bay Area today on the train connection to the scene filled with fans watching.

However, it is surprising that a lot in the Red Sea also interspersed with purple shadow (Viking take charge of the color).

We learned that through exchanges and fans: the home team as the league’s most crazy city, many of the Minnesota fans rode together six hours the aircraft came to San Francisco, go through two hours of bumpy train came to Silicon Valley for his beloved ball team cheer.

Before the game, fans of both teams have begun a contest on the train. In the venue, 49 official also attaches great importance to the game: In part of the coin toss before the game to call out a legendary quarterback Joe – Montana cheer for the team.

The game for many fans is also neutral Aspect lot: Kavan – Alexander and Di – Ford’s FireWire return to the recent decline in 49 states played a defensive shot in the arm.

Eight games this season, 49 people’s defense played a historic high level, but with the injury attrition, they dropped significantly in the last few games of the regular season defensive efficiency. Even so, compared to other teams, they still have the league’s best defense.

Alexander as the state a few years ago one of the best linebacker eager to return to the previous injury, but this season’s outstanding performance red setter Ford also wanted to play hard, freeing up teammates Bosa and Buckner’s pass rush pressure.

By the Texas Congress encouraged JJ- Watt firing back in the playoffs, both eager for this year’s playoffs. In addition to defense, the 49ers offensive pavement in the second half of the season, Moss led chiefly by the next level of excellence in one fell swoop jumped to second in the league (League of Nations first).

Their opponents this field Vikings also not to be outdone: After an upset victory over the Saints Super Bowl favorite, the whole team is full of confidence, the potential to be staged drama at the following gram again. Vikings and 49 people, is a rare alliance offensive and defensive ends are very good team.

Offense quarterback Kirk – Kirk Cousins ??played steady throughout the season, played one of the best seasons of his career, while running back Derwin – Cook also became the league’s top five players rushed.

Vikings defensive end also in the red, led by All-Star players Hunter also resorted to the league’s top five defensive performance.

The strong dialogue, before the game received major media attention. The game media room was packed, people are waiting for the two teams presented wonderful performances.

Attack highlights a lot, wonderful game evenly divided

After the opening, the home fans emotions enthusiasm, double glazed glass media across the room can hear the audience scream “Defense” (defense). Although the Vikings first began to attack but the delay opened up the situation, which was forced to punt.

Even so, they still use them firmly on an upset win tactics – Derwin – Cook consecutive road run ball, giving the quarterback Cousins ??open passing lanes.

On the other side of 49 but contrary to popular unexpectedly at the beginning of the game he did not choose their regular red ball, but with a long pass recorded three quickly opened the situation. Niagara Poirot feel hot quarterback, led the offensive team advancing to the Vikings red zone.

Galapolo takes away from the quick shift, first, first, the team has achieved a score for the team. In this offense, Galabo Luo showed that he made a substantial progress from the beginning of the season: When the completion of the pocket received compression, he still could complete the ball with a high-rate.

He averaged four different offensive players in this attack, so that the Wi-Beijing defensive group is more difficult to targeted.

Although Viking is a little slow, but the second attack relies on 49 people’s loss and foul slowly. The star has taken away from Adam – Belon’s ball that allows them to attack 49 people for the first time. In the last game, Cork, Cocüick, who was praised by the media, did not look at the expectations, and took away Stephen Dig, completed a 41-yard wonderful pass to the score.

In the subsequent attack, the strong scene of 49 people’s road attacks began to show. The generals Moster showed the eyes and helped 49 people have repeatedly got the first attack. Despite this, the defensive defensive defensive in Daniel Hunter also added 49 people to 49 people. He first relied on strong body to rush into the backfield and killed the quarter, and pushed 49 people back to his own side, and then in the next round of attack, quickly pursued after the attack of the offensive front line, forcing JiaLa Bolo has to run out of the edge and end this attack in advance.

49 people defensive to pull the top, and the Viking people will hit the bite.

In the second day, the defense of the two teams continued to perform the excellent performance of the first section. 49 people’s all-star punch Arick Armstede also didn’t give birth to Khaps, forcing Viking to abandon.

After a calm, 49 people began using their best-in-law, using different running harms repeatedly impacted the second-line defense of Viking people. They later used deception tactics successfully, and opened the road from four-defense and won the first attack.

In the next few engraves, they use the advantages of running into combination again by the Colman’s mushroom.

49 people’s momentum did not last too long. Just a few minutes later, Viking rely on their excellent rushing to Galabolo, and let him throw it out of slow pass. This passed the ball was also jumped directly from the All-Star Way Erick Kentrix.

When the ball returned to the hand of Viking again, Cossone did not hesitate, and the hand fell to lead the team to kill the front field, and the free kick recovered 3 points. In the face of strong nationals, when the end of the half, Viking people rely on their own efforts will be more than 10-14.

It is worth mentioning that the 49-person fire line returned to the bride-Ford Ford is repeatedly successful at the critical moment. It is the key to Cossins to force Viking to play, thus saving the leading advantages of the home team.

49 people have adjusted the road to force, and the Weijing people’s attack and defense is behind.

At the beginning of the second half, the depth of 49 people’s running front is slowly reflected: “Energetic Coleman rely on his speed repeatedly with the ball to help the team to win the first attack. Galapolo also advances the ball to the opponent red area through several precise passes.

However, the powerful rush of Viking people once again held 49 people’s attacks, so that the opponent can only win 3 points by playing. The score came to 17-10 in the middle section of the third section.

After the next round, Cuckus was in the face of 49 people more powerful, it seems that there is not much way, can only be rushed, and finally sent the ball to the opposite Richard – Shelman hand.

Old will reappear Sherman in this playoffs, the neighborhood of the bombardment of the arms, and correctly pre-regained the ball line, helping the stroner’s initiative to hold the active power of the game in their hands.

After this critical attack and defensive conversion, the 49 people confidently, and advanced to the hinterland of Viking in Mosttet and Coleman. In the end, Korman hammered the sound, rushed into the array area, and won the second time of the individual.

The 49-person defensive group also was more confident after the team reached the team, and once again forced Viking to abandon the kick. After discarding the kick, the camera also gave the worried Coss in the field. After the first cold door, he lit the entire network with a saying “You Like That”, but in the past, he had always confident that he was in the face, as if the pressure brought by the semi-final pressure did not breathe. gas. House leaks, in the lunch, Viking people, although the next round of the next round, but their attack hands slipped down when they were abandoned, and were grabbed by Mosttet Go to the ball. Although 49 people have not reached the array, the Viking people’s weak offensive let them fall behind three balls at a gap between 17 points.

49 people strongly defensive lock winning, after seven years to enter the finals

After the fourth quarter, 49 people are energetic, and they will continue to test Coss. With the best rookie candidates this season, Nick Posa once again killed Cousins, 49 people quickly ended the rushing of Viking.

In the next game, the two sides did not build trees in the offensive end, but the Wikiki’s line Wei Anntanyi-Bal and 49 people Difrist-Bakna frequently developed, with the hug and killing to end the opposition of each other round.

In the case where the overall situation has been set, 49 people have passed the road through the road to consume time, and finally win the competition and advance to the national contest.

The 49 people fans after winning were very excited, and they were cheered in the field and sang the celebration. 49 people who were re-entering the partition finals at the time of seven years have made most fans very unexpectedly, and people will make people look forward to the future of this youth army.

It is worth mentioning that in this game, the 49 people’s offensive end of the killing, all-star near George-Kitel did not play too much. If the team’s pavement offensive can maintain this level, Kittel has burst, and their offensive will happen to the opponents.

Unconsciousness of the rugby game is the greatest pleasure of fans. Who is the national union champion be deer? let us wait and see!

Front directing reporter – Shen Bo


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