Wei Shao: The spirit and body are very difficult for James, I will call confirmation.

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Before the game, the Lakers player James entered a health and security agreement due to new crown, and Wei Shang said: “I am more concerned about his own situation, because no matter from the spirit or body, it is very difficult. I know he wants toTo play, I know he wants to compete. “

“When I left here, I will definitely call him to make sure his mental state is good.” Wei Shao said.

This is 34 minutes and 42 seconds, and the audience is 21 in 9, and the three-pointers 5 in 1, 7 penalties are 4, which contributes 23 points and 5-board 6 assistant data.

US remember: Wei Shao Estuary will give James to the Power I hope to understand and ensure his mental stateRelated News >>>



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