What is the cause of the homes? Former Haiying star safety water to discuss

The 2018 season did not follow the expected development of Earr-Thomas, the first Seattle Eagle star safety sweat was broken in the fourth week of the regular season. When Thomas left the car and left the game, he erected the direction of the Haiying team. That is that Thomas wears the jersey of the Haiying team appeared on the ground. Considering the Thomas, it has been asking a guaranteed big contract, and the middle finger of his injured is not simple.

During the Effective Seahak, Thomas was put into the team in order to strive to strive for funds and more stable long. Until the first week in the 2018 season, Thomas ended his own persistence and returned to the team. The Hawks did not work with Thomas, and didn’t help him find a new home, so Thomas can only play in the future. In the fourth week of the Fourth Week of Arizona, Thomas is chasing the patron, and the left calf fractures are suspected to kick. On the way to take a closure room being injured, Timas suspected that the direction of his own replacement is indeed.

Today, Thomas ended his own Haiying career, and he explained the meaning of the middle finger at the time when he accepted NBC interview. “That day is really downtown.” Thomas hopes to handle contract issues in a positive attitude, but when she is defending, it is seriously injured. When she is being taken out, it is estimated that her mind is full of regrets, frustration, and even resentment: “I I have been crossing the team, but in the end, I chose a compromise, gambling my future, but injury is at this time, I am very depressed. I did I should do it, I watched Pitt-Carlo , Rushing him, ‘You won, you won,’ It is really disappointed that day. “

Thomas, 29, said, although now I just signed a 4-year $ 55 million contract, there is still a waste of injuries last year. Fortunately, Thomas’s new contract consists of 35 million container, this is what he wants, he doesn’t have to worry about playing the privilege label this year.

Join a new team and won a new contract, Thomas should not reach the neutrality in the new season.



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