Whether the last 30 million Japanese baseball industry can successfully transplant China in an average of nearly 30 million Japanese baseball industries?

Text / Shiji Yuxia is from Tokyo

In 2003, the US Duty Walker (MLB) began to establish an office in Japan and had the first full-time employee.Today, today, MLB was unveiled in Tokyo Dome, Japan became an important ring of MLB’s global strategy. Today, the Japanese baseball industry has been auspeted in the world, second only to the United States.In the middle, you can’t leave MLB, you can’t leave the wilderness, Suzuki, etc.

Osaka Tongmei Team

Osaka Tongmei Team

10-year-old Japanese teenager, Wanli went to Dutch to watch MLB: Baseball has entered Japan for more than a hundred years

“The spring is cold, the grass is sad, how can you not call people again?” Japan’s big poet, born in the first year of the Meiji Deco (1867), and once such a song spring and baseball.

Time value March 2019, Yangchun March in Tokyo. This famous sentence, was hanging up, Hedu Hang in the main entrance of the Japanese Baseball Museum – a wall, in Tokyo Dome, today ushered in a baseball superstar Suzuki, the time seven years from the US MLB “triumphant War.

Baseball enters Japan, it has been long. Even the famous “Jiaziyuan” All Japan High School Baseball Championships, as of the 100th anniversary of the year. At the same museum, the Tao Hao’s Powerproof Cup was a touching scene when the CPL team won the championship in 2018.

In the history of the Yangtze River, there is a Japanese superstar, and there is no ordinary fans. It is a popular fans. In the Dodge Stadium, chew hot dogs, a look of MLB stars.

Since then, he became the prisoner of MLB. After growing up, he became a mlb culture.

Japan MLB Theme Coffee Shop Manager Ito Yue Yiyi

Japan MLB Theme Coffee Shop Manager Ito Yue Yiyi

Japan MLB Theme Coffee Shop 3 years to protect Suzuki Great Valley to help add

Tens of meters from Tokyo Dome, is a MLB Cafe in Tokyo, MLB Tokyo Theme Cafe. Manager Ito Yue Yixi Xiuye, busy outside the lobby and the rear kitchen, do not forget to greet the guests attentively. This is exactly that year.

Ito Yueyi has two MLB theme cafes in Tokyo, another is located in Huibi Shou. Similar MLB theme cafés, there is no semicolon in the world.

In 2007, the infection of MLB complex when he was admitted to Y Y Yixi, which is determined to establish a new MLB theme cafe. He applied to the US MLB Grand Union – through various audits, until October 2009, he is willing to pay. It has the first theme cafe in Huimi Shou; in 2014, in the Tokyo Dome, the Japanese baseball holy land, the second family has successfully opened.

Before the theme of the café store, it posted the awake picture of the Grand Valley, the angel team “two knife” is a star hangs a fascinating smile. Ito smiled and said.

However, in 2007, in 2007, Japan, although there is already a baseball star of Mlui Xi Xi, Suzuki, the Baseball Star, who has went to the US MLB, but this can bring a continuous passenger flow from the cafe, bring Good business performance, or unknown.

Ito envissed all kinds of tricks. “First, it is to create a MLB atmosphere.” The cafe is like the MLB scene, even the scene.

Suzuki 3000 An Memorial Card in Coffee Shop

Suzuki 3000 An Memorial Card in Coffee Shop

The https://www.mlbboutique2.com store is decorated with some MLB old photos, old props, Japanese baseball legendary star Suzuki, naturally the first boy. It’s amazing, even the famous American baseball female powder Emmy Fraze, a 3000-play record and DIY hand-made “scoreboard”, also successfully “copy” by the clerk’s clerk, and put it in the entrance to the restaurant Lobby.

The clerk is wearing a hat with a variety of mlb teams. Perhaps the previous second, she just had a cup of heartbeat, next second, she boarded the stage, and a vibrant live DJ or host.

“I want to thank my clerk, they all, all MLB’s hi, love the baseball.” Ito said.

Three big screens, scrolling the game or interview video provided by the agreement partner, there is MLB, and there is also a Japanese NPB Selling Jun. The agreement between the agreement will also hold the star https://www.fanbutikk.com signature meeting from time to time. Despite the big god of Suzuki and Da Vali, Suzuki and Da Guxiang, the “this respect”, but still appeared in this place, but appeared in Suzuki’s 17th to sell a giant team On the day of the season, the theme cafe has appeared in the fans, and a grand occasion is difficult.

Authorization helps its “loose circle” into Tokyo giant egg first net red restaurant annual turnover of 72 million

“Since it is a restaurant, our brakes are food, it is a drink.” Itao Yueyi said proudly.

On the day of our visit, from the morning, the staff of the rear kitchen was busy, the fries, burgers and lemon tea should have. It turned out that nearby “Royal Tea Women Middle School” should hold a 200-person graduation pair here, and the afternoon “package”.

At 4:30 in the afternoon, the teachers and students https://www.mlbtrikot4.com took a group photo, and the party ended. Originally, the reason why this middle school is here, is because of some sports-related or baseball elements, it is unexpected, Ito’s answer is – no.

“It’s purely because the restaurant is close to the school, and it is delicious.” Ito said confident that the MLB theme cafe although until 2014, the “killing” into the Tokyo giant egg area, but now, he It can be confident that “(we) is the first red restaurant in the region.”

He will work hard to MLB to authorize the powerful appeal of ordinary Japanese diners. group.

It is happy to be happy by it. Through the graduation part of the tea in the sky, he and his restaurant, successfully swept the blind of MLB for a new population.

From 2009 to 2019, recalling the original intention of the theme cafe in the year – let more people https://www.mlbtrojerse.com experience MLB culture, interested in baseball, after 10 years of hard work, Io said, “the original goal, realization in a little bit” .

Under our question, Iwoo Yueyi also revealed several core data in the final rate, including the core “confidential” of the turnover. Including Hui Bi Shi Store and Tokyo Jujie Store, MLB Tokyo Theme Cafe has a total of 3.6 million passengers, and the annual turnover is 400 million yen, the latter is 300 million yen, and the total is 750 million. Yen, “Confirm your profit.”

MLB Asia Pacific President Jim - Shi Moore

MLB Asia Pacific President Jim – Shi Moore

MLB Asia Pacific President: Japanese baseball industry is second only to the world’s second

MLB Tokyo Theme Cafe, is just an example from birth to development from the birth of the Japanese baseball industry.

Since the 1930s, MLB has begun to have the first star https://www.fanstore2.com
team to visit Japan, and the competition began to broadcast live in the 1960s. Business cooperation began. And until 2003, MLB has established the first office in Japan and has the first full-time employee.

This is the beginning of MLB expands the opening of the Asian market. Recalling the breakthrough of Japan as the Asian baseball market, Jim Small, president of the MLB Asia Pacific, laughing, “It is not a major goal of MLB before entering the international market, although there is already a game Live broadcast, but did not work to open up the Japanese market. “

In 1995, in 1995, Yumao Hero joined the MLB Great League, the United States set off “Asian Hot”, and MLB started directly to docking the Japanese market.

Next, a big outbreak is that in 2001, Suzuki was officially entered MLB. “At that time, we truly realized https://www.b2bshopp.com the value of the Japanese market, so we decided to land in Japan, built in Japan in 2003. “

Japanese baseball fans may be the happiest fans in the world, watching MLB during the day, watching NPB at night. It is said that the answer given by the Japanese fans is the most favorite of MLB.

“There are different answers during different periods. Now it is a sailor, because Suzuki is here. The words of last year are the angel team, because the big Valley is equipped with the effect. But is more stable to the fans welcome, or when the New York Yangli team. This. It is also a good phenomenon, no team is a big big, each team has a peak. “

When Suzuki is returned to Japan after 7 years, the opening of the singer, representing the Seattle Sailor to the Auckland Sports Home – Just 17th and 18th preseason, more than 40,00https://www.trikotskaufenn.com0 fans per game, wear Two teams, as well as other MLB team jersears, are all.

On the one hand, many Japanese players go to MLB before they go to MLB, on the other hand, is the US MLB self-contained flow and belt capacity, such a “polymerization effect”, manufactures the “miracle” of the Japanese baseball industry –

“On the income, the Japanese baseball industry is the largest baseball market outside the United States; on the preliminary rate, in all baseball alliances, the last rate of NPB in Japan is the second, second only to the US MLB.” Soles described Japan The scale of the baseball industry. Specifically, he revealed that the US MLB’s annual upper rate is 70 million, Japan NPB is 28 million.

MLB DC player Xu Guiyuan signed Baltimore Jinyao, fans urgently expect him to board the big alliance as soon as possible

MLB DC player Xu Guiyuan signed Baltimore Jinyao, fans urgently expect him to board the big alliance as soon as https://www.mlbboutique2.com possible

China needs “Baseball Yao Ming”, the birth possibility is greater than “next basketball Yao Ming”

When I said that MLB itself in Japan’s industrial scale, Spo was smartly in China, “Japan’s MLB industry, similar to China’s NBA industry.”

Today, in Japan, there are 500 MLB live a year, with 13 different landing sponsors, have a powerful authorized merchandise system. At the same time, in Japan, landing competitions and activities aiming at amateur population, including primary and secondary schools and universities.

“I have been looking forward to the Japanese market, but there is no absolute value, not to say how high goals.” Soles said, “but how to enter the Japanese market, and the value is maximized. Need to find a Japanese The best strategy. “

Only asked if the return, brought about health and long-term https://www.mlbdrakterno.com results – Soer confirmed that the goal of entering the Japanese market 16 years ago “is definitely realized”, “MLB elements have entered the Japanese life, become Part of Japanese culture “, for him, the biggest challenge in the moment is how to do it for 16 years.

Among them, there is naturally, including how to deep cultivate China Baseball Market – however, compared with Japanese baseball with a hundred years of history, the social foundation of China’s baseball is undoubtedly weak.

In 2001, MLB began to pay attention to the Chinese market. The idea of ??holding the “MLB to make changes to the Chinese market” is a stable and sustained commercialization, but supporting its strong baseball culture and baseball basis.

Soer will be “dropping”. This includes not only learning baseball, letting parents see baseball from TV, actual competition, let consumers buy MLB products, familiar with MLB culture.

Even, such as “copying” to China, like a similar atrial café. However, the weight is heavy, maybe China baseball, need a “baseball Yao Ming” – let him play like Suzuki, Da Gu Xiangping, connect MLB and local roles.

As of now, the MLB DC has seven Chinese players to sign the MLB small alliance, including the players to be rated as the top 30 rookies in front of the farm by American baseball experts. Soer confirmed that the future MLB DC still continually conveys the player to the United States. He does not boldly predicts: MLB cultivates a Chinese player, which is more than NBA, “China Yao Ming”, “possibilities will be more

China’s baseball industry “copy” Japan is never a dream.


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