Wilson Lowt Macho! Haiying Casting Alliance Best Wiring Combination

November 5 (Wen / ESPN BRADY Henderson Compile / Love) There are many great quarters in history, and there are many famous quadresses and external connections.

Although the Seattle Hawie’s quarter walsell Wilson and the Tyler Lockett have not discussed the greatness of the historical level, it seems to be discussed to discuss whether the combination is currently in the current The alliance is located in the top row.

Last season, the two two people completed 10 times and a perfect pass. In the competition of the array of pirates just ended, they once again showed the passage of tacit.

In that game, although the defensive and shooting of the Haiying team were so bad, but with the excellent play of the offensive group, they were still surprised at home to defeat the pirates. Wilson and Locket’s connection is a powerful guarantee for the offensive group.

If Wilson found Lockte, I pushed 152 yards to add twice to score, it is hard to imagine what the Hawk’s offensive group will make it.

This season Haiying won a lot of thrilling competitions, and every critical juncture, Wilson’s most trusted partner seems to be the old friend who can deviate the city for him. About the performance of them, the coach carroll is also greatly appreciated.

“I can’t even explain or describe this phenomenon, I am just a bit surprised, watching these things happened. Looking at these guys playing, I feel very interesting.” Carol said.

“They are different players, we are very fortunate to look at them together. Time will bring them harvest, you can think of the best when they are wonderful, watching them play, training, and strive to win the game This is a kind of enjoyment, I hope we can see such performance next week. “

Wilson and Locket’s tacit feelings are not reached, in fact, this is not fresh about the fans of the Haiying team.

When the Doug Baldwin was stopped because of the injury, Lockete has quietly became the head of the team.

In the game of the bursts of pirates, Lockete completed two wonderful balls to reach, and he also rose to 6 times this season.

Although Wilson always puts the ball to the edge of the corner, Locket can take melonous dishes, but it seems that it seems to be a global catching.

Since the season, Locket has completed 16 buses, with the Antonio Brown and the Antonio Brown, and the Antonio Brown, and the Tyreek Hill, and the Tenrek Hill.

Not only that, Lockete ranked third in the middle of the team in 13 games in this game. Since the season, he has completed 59 battles, promoted 767 yards, the first thousand code season of career waving.

Although he came to the season, he was highly efficient, but the opportunity to get is obviously not so much this season. Interestingly, 2018 Luket signed a average annual salary of $ 10.55 million, at the time, many people think that this contract is a bit virtual, now it seems to be great!

Several Wilson and Locket have triggered the controversy of the best passed forward. They have remembered that the end of the extreme area in the fifth week of the raveler is so far.

According to NFL official data, that remembrance is the most incredible record in the past three seasons, which makes them look into color in the Falcons last week.

In the game of the bursts of pirates, Wilson’s burden and passed the highest 5 times of career. He has already passed 22 times this season, and only once was copied.

In the direction of passing to Lockte, his pass success rate is 81.9%, and the passed score is 138.8 points. If Wilson passes the ball to Lockte in the second section, they will get 3 times at this night.

Of course, the Haiying’s external connections have recently triggered a lot of attention, first picking up, Josh Gordon, and later coming out of Antonio – Brown’s gossip.

However, no matter who comes, Rockte’s role does not change. “I think we can continue to make progress,” Wilson said when talking about his relationship with Rockte.

“We also have a progress space, we can continue to try, continue to match. I think Taylor is very special, he makes my work easier;

He is really great, he is the best. So as long as he keeps playing, we can do anything. “

Talking about the combination of today’s alliance four-defense and external junction, many people will think of the Saint Team Dru-Bris and Michael-Thomas, the Falcon Matt – Lan and Hilio Jones, Texas De Andre – Jackson and Dean De Andre – Hopkins, Packaging Team Alon – Rogers and Dtht – Adams, the Emirates of Patrick – Terryk Hill, or even It is the Patriots Team Tom – Braddy and Julian – Edelman.

I am sorry, all of these dazzling combinations, they have not reached 16 times and 156.3 points since the season, and 156.3 points – Wilson and Locket score.

“No one is better than them.” Haiying team defensive Zhongjian Babi Va Garn said, “Honestly, Wilson’s way to take the ball, and the way Rockte is brought together, no one is done more than they good!”



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