Written / Zhang ZihanTime jump to ten years ago, Atam Wainwright wins 19 victories, the self-sharing rate is only 2.63 and also takes the pitcher gold glove. In this decade, the Luque team can be called the National United King “Angry Bird”, except for the excellent blowing firepower, more is a stable first lineup, Wen Wright is the first round value of the red ramp, several times The key competition https://www.fanbutikk.com will play a pitcher. In the 2019 season, Radit’s curling is still sharp, but the player does not chase it.The curmed ball is Wen Ritz, and the 75 mile / hr of the curling, and the expression of many players is left behind. Sanxu and wavy are empty, and everything is easy for the three full star pitcher Wen Wright. It’s just that the time is no longer, Adam Wen Ritter is 38 years old this year, and the twice of heavy injuries and a large diving ball has been warning fans, Wen Wright has come to the end of the career. Wen Route and the old east of Wen Roch, who have expired last year, have been about one year, and the desire of the championship will also make this first pitcher willing to listen to the coach scheduling, and will transfer the cattle shed.Adam – Wen Wyrt and Shengluo Rock’s relationship should be https://www.maillotspascherfr.com a paragraph of modern professional sports. On the first day of the Big Alliance, Wen Wright was effective for the PR. In recent years, it is not good, and the rickets are questioned by fans. Choosing a city and ending in the old, Wen Wright’s career has been dead and the city of St. Louis is tied together.The rookie pitcher is a legendary soldiers, Mr. Mr. ChengduAdam – Wen Wright in the excellent performance of the small alliance, making the Solda team to pull him on the Great Alliance in the 2006 season. On May 24, the same year, as a national week pitcher that needs to be hit, Wen Wright made a waving attack on the first ball in his career, and the baseball flew out of the stadium. Wen Wright also became the 22nd MLB history. 22 A player who reached this achievement.As a rookie pitcher who has just landed https://www.mlbtrojerse.com in the big league, Wen Wright has been playing as a long and secondary pitcher, but when the team’s terminator I. Idlinhausen is reimbursed by the hip injury season in September, the team is given a warm temperature Wright was pushed into this location. The ultimate in the first time, Wen Wright completed the closing of the two key games, helping the Red Tit successfully blocked the stunning space team to win the national affiliate championship.Although the 83-winning 78 defeated regular season, the Ruptone of the Rules of the Ruple, but also a little luck in the stability of Wen Wright’s key moments, the saga team shakes and swayed in the World Competition. The 10th World Champion in history. Wen Wright The biggest challenge in the 2006 season is the “Mr. October” Carlos – Belchuan. When the playoff started the record of https://www.mlbdrakterno.com the success of the rescue, it was not afraid of the tiger. After robbing the two good balls, he trembled the most beautiful curved curved ball, the Saurawa, the Solden team also eliminated this New York will advance into the World Competition.Mission debts Wen Lai Special team aceBecause the excellent performance in the playoffs, Wen Wright was transferred to the first firing at the beginning of the 2007 season. He has won 14 wins and 12 defeated, and he has become the first hair of the alliance, and 3.70’s self-blade also indicates that Wen Rit is highly available. His curling variation is large and the inducement is full, and the speed of the player does not touch the ball. Wen Wright as a classical pitcher to put another main battle sphere Carter ball, and the Carter ball with the lower edge of a good shield is quite large.Wen Wright has a higher level in the 2008 season, drop the score rate to 3.20, and winning 11 victories throughout the year, only 3 defeats, more gratifying is that he is obviously stronger than other first firing Whether it is a strike or a pirate, Wen Wright can minimize the loss of the team.After the 2009 season, Wen Wright welcomed his career peak. The self-sharing rate will drop, and he gets the National Association Pitcher Golden Glove Award and is selected for all stars. It is possible to have a large year of six consecutive years, and Wen Wright’s secret is to start using stretch cards under the guidance of Rushtam Pitcher. Extending Wright’s battery life, it is not easy to be tangled, and it is more beneficial to Wen Wright to use other ball to attack a good shield.Subsequently, Wen Wright replaced the prince’s ace pitcher Chris Cabert became the preparation of the squadron, and he was first got the most powerful single season. Although two degrees with the Celeron Award, Wen Wright has always been the innocent king in the heart, and the record of the Luque team also plays a layer of landscape because of Wright stabilization.The ligament tear season reimbursement has returned to all star startersTwo degrees of impacting competition awards, Wen Wright has determined that the third time I initiate an impact on the highest honor of pitcher. Helpless 2011 is beginning to start, the original iron is that the team unveiled the war of Wright by the team, diagnosed as elbow ligament, and has to accept ligament transplant surgery. Generally speaking, the pitcher will be able to achieve a lot of discounts after receiving ligament transplant surgery, and Wen Wright carefully studied the ballistic strategy during the rehabilitation period, and also won the 14 wins and 13 defeat after completion of 2012.In order to alleviate the pressure of the ligament, Wen Rit has adopted a new bumble strategy after the injury, and uses more quadrant spheres instead of stretch card. After a season, Wen Wright recloses the king skills in the 2013, 14 season, and the two years will take 39 wins and the self-sharing rate remains below 3. More terrible is that his tri-vibration capacity is completely non-injured, the number of boots is constantly decreasing. The experience on the field makes Wen Wright more good at manufacturing rolling.Wen Wright in 2014 has also gained an unprecedented honor, and the all-star game first pitcher. His East Hill will continue this good performance, but he is helpless.The injury is again hitting Wen Wright 2019 last strokeJust as Adam – Wen Wyter opened the 2015 season with a 1.61 self-blame rate, injuries were again eye on him again. In May 27th, Wen Wright was unable to send 4 bureaus, https://www.trikotskaufenn.com but the fifth game was injured in advance due to an ankle discomfort, after the hospital’s nuclear magnetic resonance check is the left foot of Aquaris The tendon is reimbursed again. Losing Wenhet’s red tones did not walk away in the playoffs, and lost to the Subridden Chicago bears to be eliminated in the partition final.Wantote, which is another recovery, will then find the previous ace skill, and he faded in the radius. Wen Wright in the past two seasons gradually returned to the first round of round, and the grand career of the big arrivals slowly came to the end. During the season, Wen Wright renewed the red tits and expressed their willingness from the cowshed. . The Wen Wright 38-year-old will dedicate his career to the Red Tit, and the end of the old Holy Road Music is committed to the pitcher coach may be his https://www.fanstore2.com

best ending.

This morning, when Wen Wright from the Weiger Stadium of the Red Scitch Bear, slowly walked from the cowshed to the hand, the scene actually won the applause. Despite the leadership of the first five points, it can be seen from the sharp curious career from a sharp curling. Data, for the old future of 14 years in the big alliance, it is too important, and Wen Wright itself from the serious injury is a pitcher.


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